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Kabekona Lake Fishing

Kabekona Lake (29007500) is located three miles south of Laporte in Hubbard County, Minnesota. Kabekona Lake has a maximum depth of 133 feet, and a surface area of 2,433 acres. A gravel public access is located on the west end of the lake.

The DNR put Minnesota lakes into 43 different classes based on physical and chemical characteristics. Kabekona is in lake class 22. Other area lakes in this same classification are Big Sand Lake, Potato Lake, and Long Lake, all in Hubbard County.

Kabekona Lake is known for its outstanding water quality and its walleye fishery. There is a very diverse number of fish varieties at Kabekona Lake, including: bluegill, bowfin (dogfish), brown bullhead, common shiner, largemouth bass, northern pike, pumpkinseed, rock bass, smallmouth bass, tullibee (cisco), walleye, white sucker, yellow bullhead, and yellow perch.

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Kabekona Lake in Hubbard County Minnesota

Kabekona Lake is one of the clearest lakes in Minnesota. There are many private residences and cabins located off the lake, because Kabekona Lake is relatively secluded from it's tree-lined shores. The lake is a very peaceful spot, which attracts many fishermen. Kabekona Lake has three inlets on the west shore, including the Kabekona River, Gulch Creek, and Sucker Brook. There is also one boat ramp that is maintained by Hubbard County on the west shore of the lake, providing the only public access to the lake.

The story is that about 10,000 years ago, the Des Moines Lobe Glacier receded and left behind an enourmous lake in Minnesota. Over time, the water also receded, leaving behind landscape dotted with smaller lakes, one of them being Kabekona Lake in Hubbard County. Kabekona is Ojibwe for "End of the Trail," but there are many different speculations on why the lake was given that name.

Kabekona Lake is part of the Kabekona Wildlife Management Area (WMA), which is 381 acres of forest and wetlands. The Kabekona WMA has excellent opportunities for viewing wildlife of all different shapes and sizes. The southern shore of Kabekona Lake is located within the Paul Bunyan State Forest, which has miles of trails that are often used for biking, hiking, ATV's, and cross country skiing in the winter.

The Point of Pines Resort on Kabekona Lake consists of 9 clean and spacious cabins. The cabins are all nicely furnished and have a great view of the beautiful lake. The lodge is the main building at the Point of Pines Resort. It offers wireless internet, a snack bar, a game room, Kabekona Lake Gifts giftshop, television, bait, gas, and many other necessities.

The Point of Pines Resort also has a wide variety of outdoor activites that are fun for all ages. Land activities include volleyball, horseshoes, a campfire pit, and a kids playground. For fun in the water, swimming and relaxing on the nice sandy beach is always a great option. Jet skiing, canoeing, paddle boating, and fishing right off the docks are also very popular activites among the guests at the resort.

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